Spooky jar

Hey you! Yes, you! Put your hand into a spooky jar. Dive in it for a search of cookies. Deeply take a breath and drown. Drown to the bottom. There are no cookies. Take a close look and make a close touch. No cookies in a spooky jar for you. I say, no. Drown freely. Drown to the bottom. Touch the floor. Grab the dream. Form it to a cloud. Shape it to the fluffiness and elevate to the exit. Holding the cloud of yours will make you the true being. In one with your cloud. I say, one. Put your hand into a spooky world. Keep your fluffy cloud on a shelf of a horizon. Grow it. Let the rains water it. Let the earth maintain it. Let the sea overlook it and the iron strengthen it. As for the sun… Say to your cloud – there is no reason to be afraid of the light. It is a friend. A good friend. The shadows and all the shades are so much clearer then. It will never eliminate the night. It is always the same light. The weaker, though. And then, for the night! Take a free walk for your cloud through the roads of history. Should know how the darkness brings the memories together. All of them. Mine, yours, of the old us. Can you see now how the cloud is getting bigger? I say, now. Put your hand into a spooky jar. Grab the cookie made of dreams. Oh, the dreams… They are divine. Smell them. Smell then deeply. Bite. Bite to the end. Become the one. Be the one. You are the one.


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