Body Shop vs Marks & Spencer

13590510_10153721948167006_6442636062266097909_nA mixture of the Body Shop and Marks & Spencer goodies for bathing and cleansing – which ones are better?

I found that M&S soap bars are fantastic – the smell of magnolia is lovely and close to real thing. That’s something I can’t tell about their hand washes and shower gels – I found them overly sweet and with only a dash of resemblance of the real thing (I’ve tried pomegranate and blueberry shower gels and blueberry and cocoa butter hand washes).

The Body Shop, on the other hand, has an absolutely fantastic hand wash – Absinthe. The smell is gorgeous, and it does it’s job very well. Same goes for the Shea shower gel and banana conditioner – bathing with them is a pleasure. The banana conditioner hydrates the hair nicely, too. And adding the tea tree exfoliating face wash to the process really helps to get the perfect finish. The downside of the BS, however, is the Rainforest volume shampoo and moisture hair mask seem to do the opposite of what they’re suppose to do. My hair feels down-weighted and not hydrated after the mask, and the shampoo.. well, the hair gets oily quite fast after it.

Overall, I prefer the Body Shop over the Marks & Spencer due to way way better aromas and better performance (although I’ll seek better shampoo elsewhere).

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