A story of Gilraena Arefu

Gilraena Arefu happened to be born in jungles. Those jungles happened to be in Moarri country, so Gilraena Arefu could speak in Reo (one language less to learn as Giraena Arefu found out later). Good for her.

While growing Gilraena Arefu happened to learn various quite handy things, such as pickpocketing (simply put – stealing) or lip reading (some things are better off known in advance). In order to become a professional, Gilraena Arefu also developed tracking skills (those valuable goodies won’t hand themselves over), stealth mode (a good rogue knows how to stay unnoticed) and diplomacy (well, sometimes a good talk is all you really need). Naturally, while having a craving for shinny metals, Gilraena Arefu learned to handle a sword – a prideful skill.

Gilraena Arefu, even though being short for a human, happened to have beautiful hair – purple-ish brown, long and straight, which every other girl envies. In accordance with such gorgeous hair Gilraena Arefu happened to be veeeery fit; and her combat reflexes were simply astonishing. Of course, Gilraena Arefu happened to be, indeed, a lucky girl.

However, every human has to have his/hers weaknesses… Gilraena Arefu happened to have some rather peculiar, em, habits. Due to very specific religion of hers, Gilraena Arefu loves simple life – ascetic one (which she is prideful of). Naturally, there is no place for yucky and icky things/creatures in her ascetic life. Specially, for spiders – simply yuuuucky creatures. And for cats – those beasts are just too f*ing scary. Gilraena Arefu happened to love to talk about it with others – some company never hurt anybody, right?

But enough about weaknesses! Gilraena Arefu happened to be a prideful creature, whose moves are mesmerising and graceful, short sword is shining and sharp, and hair, oh, the hair, so purple-ish and brown…

(A character story created for RPG, 2015)

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