It all starts somewhere

This place is no exception, either.

I have always had somewhat warm feelings towards blogs and diaries through my life. And people who seemingly effortlessly and with envy-invoking perseverance scribe down in theirs always had a measure of respect from me. You see, I have always been one to avoid repeated commitments (more on this later), and keeping a diary is certainly a feat of that sort, at least for me it is.

That being said, I did have a work-oriented blog where I documented some of the more useful stuff that I thought would be beneficial to fellow SharePoint developers. I am meaning to transfer posts from there to here soon, as I want to have a single blog where I could be addressing many aspects of my life together.

Now, this is not the first attempt to set up something like this, but I’m hoping this one will last.

I’m a married man now, you see. 

Talking about commitment avoidance, yes? 

I feel as though sharing everything with that special someone strengthens everything. We’ll try to share this thing, too.
I’m designing this web site to contain a common landing page that will contain mini feeds from mine and Elena’s separate blogs, which are here:


Oleg's musings in "Journeyman's Cradle



"Elena the Explorer"


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