My relationship with PC gaming (part 2)

Hello everyone!

Picking up from where we left in part 1 I’d like to continue a story about my relationship with PC gaming.  TL;DR from part 1 would be something like:

“No time for games until age 13-14, compulsive gaming since then. No allowance, high game prices in comparison to salaries in general, glorious piracy as the result. Joys of new game discoveries, joys of new game mode discoveries, such as hot seat.”

Now, time goes by, and university life hits last years, I get employed to a first degree-related job – making first steps to financial independence. About that time, CD Project company, game developer and publisher from Poland has launched site (Wiki Article) – also known as Good Old Games, with initial goal to release classic games to a modern audience without digital rights management restrictions. They “fixed” up old games for modern operating systems and sold them for cheap – I think this was one my first financial spendings on PC games. What bought me into this was an idea of convenience:

  1. I did not have to worry about “making the game work”
  2. I had the games listed in one place, ready for re-downloading if need arises – no more searching among half-dead torrent seeds

The idea of legitimately owning a game was also appealing. 🙂

I think in 2008 Steam was already a thing, but somehow it didn’t quite catch my attention much – maybe selection of games was too narrow, or games themselves were too pricey? Did they have sales at that time – I’m not sure…

But yes, SALES. Oh, they are wonderful. I got introduced to them while working in Finland by my colleague Kalle MäkinenThank you. sir! 
Both GOG and Steam have multiple sales per year and the price drop is ridiculous – some nice bargains to be had there. 

At around year 2012-2013 I have also picked up on a place named Humble Bundle in the web (Wiki Article).

Basically, at the time, they were having collections of certain games from certain publishers or developers on sale, one collection at one period of time. The sweet point was that each collection had several levels or tiers of games:

  • Some of them you got if you paid at least something, anything – 1$ or more, I think. For this amount you were getting at least 3, often more games already!
  • Some of them you got if you payed more than the average amount  others had payed at the time of your purchase – those games were more popular, or it could be some expansions or DLCs for games from first level/tier.
  • Quite often there was a third tier, with a fixed price you had to pay (so this unlocked if you payed that price, or higher) – this was always higher than the average payed, as far as I remember. This offered same quality games as second tier, possible a bit more prominent games

Anyways, my first point – 1$ (or some not quite big amount) – was how I hoarded my initial collection of legally owned games, and for that I am immensely thankful.

As of the time of writing, I think my collection grew to ~220 on Steam and ~160 on GOG. And probably several more on Origin…

Over the years I have tried to target buying many specific games for a very specific reason.

I have tried to officially own as many games as I could remember playing illegally. Would say that this is over 50% done now 🙂 Yes, I do understand that those companies and/or publishers might have long gone now, but better late then never. I’m sure funds payed now will still fund something useful.

Enough for today, thanks for reading my story!

Next time I would like to touch more on a topic of online gamesas they have been there in my life from the 56k modem times.

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